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             Harley-Davidson is a company that began in a shed almost 100 years ago. In the beginning, Harley-Davidson supplied motorcycles for the military, and now they are the most prestigious heavyweight motorcycle corporation in the United States. In addition to designing, manufacturing and selling heavyweight touring, custom, and performance motorcycles, Harley-Davidson also has a product line of motorcycle parts, accessories, and general merchandise. The company's mission is to fulfill motorcyclists and the general public's dreams through the experience of motorcycling by expanding the line of motorcycles, branded products, and services in the selected market segments. This research report will discuss the company's overall status, competitive advantages, and current issues. Then some recommendation to solve the current issues will be discussed, along with the risks and potential implementation strategies. .
             Overall Harley-Davidson is currently in good shape. Its retail motorcycle sales through September grew in the U.S. (19.1 percent), Europe (8.0 percent) and Japan (13.9 percent) compared to the same period last year. Harley-Davidson retail sales resulted in market share gains in all major heavyweight motorcycle markets. Harley-Davidson uses a business level strategy that focuses on competitive differentiation with emphasis on innovative designs, production, and quality. .
             Harley-Davidson's most significant competitive advantage is its brand equity. Its "eagle" logo is licensed to more than 100 manufactures. Successfully marketing this brand image, the company has been able to achieve a long-term relationship with its customers. Customer loyalty is most evident in the Harley Owners Group, which is a Harley-Davidson riders' fraternity with 600 US chapters. Harley-Davidson maintained brand equity well with creative marketing. This year the company hosted a national rally of HOG chapters as a part of its 100th anniversary celebration.

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