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Dwight D Eisenhower

             Eisenhower could not have been an easy job. Along with serving in highly ranked military positions, he also served as President of the United States for two terms. During his life, Dwight accomplished many things. Some of these things include earning his way into college and West Point, and fulfilling a successful career in the military which some say helped him win his Presidential race. There are many other things that have made his life a great one, and practically each year of his life, he had accomplished more than some people do in a whole lifetime.
             Dwight David Eisenhower was born on October 14th, 1890 in the town of Dennison, Texas. He was the son of David Jacob and Ida Elizabeth Eisenhower. Dwight however, was not the only son, but the third out of seven, and all of them were sons. One however died in infancy. Dwight however was the only son to be born out of Kansas. Just two years after Dwight was born, they moved to Kansas, where Dwight's parents were raised. The town they moved to was the town of Abilene, Kansas. This is where the whole family would be raised. As they were raising their children, the Eisenhower's taught all of them to be self reliant and independent. His family and friends called him "Ike", and he was christened David Dwight Eisenhower.
             While living in Abilene, Dwight attended Abilene High School. Here Dwight was an average student who played sports, which included football and baseball. He graduated from Abilene High School in 1909. Soon after graduating, he made a deal with his brother. This deal was that while one of them was attending college, the other would work to pay for the tuition, and they would alternate every year. They did this because their parents could not afford to send them both to college.
             A year later in 1910, Dwight found out that if he took the test for the United States Naval Academy and passed, he would be able to get a free education.

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