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Dysfunctional Families

             "We put the fun in dysfunctional!" is a common saying heard from within the .
             My family is not the expected average healthy family, but I feel my .
             dysfunctional family is not the worst-case scenario. After surviving many unpleasant .
             fights and divorce, I came to the realization that many other families have it even harder. .
             I believe alcoholism, controlling parents, and abuse are the three main influences in a .
             dysfunctional family. To lengthen my observation I reviewed the patterns and common .
             behaviors between each effect.
             Parents that are too controlling over their child's life can definitely make a family .
             dysfunctional. Controlling parents fail to allow their children to assume responsibilities .
             appropriate for their age. These parents continue dominating and making decisions for .
             their children well beyond the age at which this is necessary. Controlling parents are .
             often driven by a fear of becoming unnecessary to their children. The main .
             problem in this behavior reflects on the parents.
             Alcoholic families tend to be chaotic and unpredictable. Rules that apply one day .
             don't apply the next. Promises are neither kept nor remembered. Parents may be strict at .
             times and indifferent at others. In addition, discussion about the alcohol use or related .
             family problems is usually nonexistent. Family members are usually expected to keep .
             problems a secret, therefore preventing anyone from seeking help. All of these factors .
             leave children feeling insecure, frustrated, and angry. This is one of the worst key .
             elements a dysfunctional family can have. Although the parent is an alcoholic they can be .
             both abusive and controlling at the same time.
             Abuse can be verbal or physical. Verbal abuse, such as frequent belittling .
             criticism, can have lasting effects. Criticism can be aimed at the child's looks, .
             intelligence, capabilities, or basic value. Some verbal abusers are very direct, while others .
             use subtle put-downs disguised as humor.

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