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            What is the term family? What does it mean? The definition of family means a "set of relations especially parents and children" This might include anyone related to by blood or by adoption such as: step parents, grandparents acting as parents, and even brothers and sisters sometimes sharing the same household. The term family has been believed to coincide with the word "marriage". If you were to have a family, you were also thought to have a husband or wife. This was thought to be the norm for many centuries. This was named the "traditional family".
             A transformation has taken place within communities altering the "traditional" family ways. The system in which one parent worked, while the other parent tended to the children has almost become obsolete. This change triggered the formation of a dysfunctional society where greed motivates both parents in the work force, leaving their children to be raised by institutions sometimes consisting of under-qualified personnel.
             The traditional nuclear Canadian family is dieing out. Parents are constantly joggling between works, children, and in some cases taking care of elders.
             Marriage as was previously known has also changed dramatically. Marriage is less valued today than ever before. The fact that the divorce rate has doubled in the last twenty years could lead us to believe that marriage isn't important to us anymore. Instead of preserving and working out their disputes, people are more frequently choosing to end their relationships. In the past divorce was frowned upon, we were expected to carry on regardless of whether we were happy or not.
             However, another culprit of breaking marriages is the Divorce Laws of Canada that has made it easier for couples to obtain a divorce. According to statistics Canada, marriage and divorce laws have undergone great changes, in part to accommodate the ever-changing society. .
             It also important to mention the fact that women feel more independent than they did 100 years ago.

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