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Elizabethan England

             During Elizabethan England, people were much more creative than people are today. If we look at the circumstances at which people lived during the Elizabethan period, we can see why people of that time period did some of the things that seem so odd to us today. The people of Elizabethan England hand numerous reasons to be depressed and self-pitting. Overall, they seemed to deal with their circumstances extremely well. When we look at some of the things they did and wonder how could someone be so inhumane and do such terrible things for amusement remember the conditions and harsh times the people of this particular time period had to live through.
             Many of the sports of Elizabethan England are raw forms of certain sports played today. For instance rugby and football are two sports that originated in Elizabethan England (Ridley180). The most popular sports for commoners were football and hurling. Football was much rougher in Elizabethan England than it is today. All sorts of injuries would occur from minor to fatal. Hurling was as dangerous as football, but unlike football there were a few rules. Each side consisted of fifteen to thirty players and the object was to run a ball to a goal, passing the ball to a teammate if tackled (Ridley 180). .
             Other outdoor games were golf, horseracing, shovel- board, sliding, swimming, fishing, hunting, fencing, dueling, and cricket (Singman 75). Jousting was a popular sport, but only the rich were allowed to participate. The object was to run at an opponent, while riding a horse, and knock him off his horse with a lance (Brasch 220). Archery was also an important sport in which commoners were allowed to participate. This was .
             allowed primarily because commoners were the most numerous during battle (Brasch 220). .
             Some indoor games include dice, chess, checkers, and a variety of card games (Singman 74). Primero, trump, gleek, new cut, and numerous others were a few of the card games played (Singman 74).

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