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Theological Beliefs

            Theological Belief Roman Catholic Church Orthodox Religion.
             Authority within the church Vested in the hierarchy of the church. Patriarchal.
             Significance of Baptism Sacrament which regenerates and justifies. Baptism is the first of seven sacraments in the Orthodox Church. In baptism, man is mystically born into spiritual life. Man becomes a child of God, a member of the Body of Christ and the Church, and an inheritor of eternal life. Baptism is the rite of initiation into full membership in the Orthodox Church .
             Baptism, timing Usually done in infancy. It usually takes place before the child is six months old.
             Mary's status Mary's status is below Jesus', but above that of the saints. Some regard Mary as co-redemptrix with Jesus; this is not currently church teaching. In the Orthodox church, Mary, being the Mother of God, is very important. Mary was the first Christian, as she whole-heartedly accepted God's mission for her.
             Practices of Worship Catholics venerate (not worship) the saints and show respect for their statues and pictures. Why? Because the saints practiced the holy virtues while they were on earth, and when Catholics honour them, Catholics also honour God himself. It is not wrong to honour the saints provided we don't give them the honour that belongs to God alone. That's why Catholic's don't worship the saints but worship Christ. Worship in the Orthodox Church is expressed in four principal ways:.
             1. The Eucharist, which is the most important worship experience of Orthodoxy. Eucharist means thanksgiving and is known in the Orthodox Church as the Divine Liturgy. .
             2. The Sacraments, which affirm God's presence and action in the important events of our Christian lives. All the major Sacraments are closely related to the Eucharist. These are: Baptism, Chrismation, Confession, Marriage, Holy Orders, and Anointing of the sick. .
             3. Special Services and Blessings, which also affirm God's presence and action in all the events, needs and tasks of our life.

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