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Eye Witness Study

             Running head: EYE WITNESS MEMORY RECALL.
             The Effects of Anticipation on Accuracy and Confidence.
             The present study is an examination of memory recall of eyewitnesses and the effects of anticipation on accuracy and confidence in an eyewitness incident. Sixty eight college students participated in the responding to a questionnaire regarding the incident of a crime. Findings revealed no effects of anticipation on accuracy or confidence which may be due to limitations of the procedure, yet did find a relationship between accuracy and confidence.
             Memory Recall 3.
             Eyewitness Memory Recall:.
             The Effects of Anticipation on Accuracy and Confidence .
             For years, researchers have been studying the effects on eyewitness recall such as racial bias, complex questioning, accuracy, confidence, and other influential factors effecting eyewitness memory recall.
             A recent study was conducted by Kebbell and Giles (2001) on the effects of confusing complex questioning in eyewitness testimonies. To illustrate these effects, they showed a videotaped crime incident and then gave one set of participants a questionnaire with complex questions, and the other group a set of simplified questions about the suspect of the crime. The study concluded that those answering the complex questions had a lower score in accuracy, and also a lower confidence level in their responses. Kebbell and Giles (2000) also found a relationship between accuracy and confidence where those who responded to the simplified form were more accurate, and more confident in their answers. .
             Another study by Berger and Herringer (1991) studied the role of race, age and accuracy in eyewitness recall, and to test participants knowledge of eyewitness testimony. Researchers used questionnaires to assess participants knowledge about eyewitness accounts. Results indicated that participants knowledge and beliefs about eyewitness accounts were consistent with past literature and research.

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