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Familiar Personalities

             It is hard to narrow down to three different personality types to talk about because there are so many different types. No two people that I know have the same personality. We all have different personalities. If everyone were a like, life would be very boring. Everyone would act the and say the same things. We encounter different personalities everyday rather it be at work, school, or the grocery store. Some we like and get along with, some we hate and can't stand to be around.
             The personality types I am most familiar with would have to be my closest friends and family. One personality I know like the back of my hand is my mother. For instances my mother is very talkative and likes to know everything that is going on. She never sits down and is always doing something rather it be mowing the yard, cleaning, or sweeping the garage. She has a very peppy personality and is pretty easy to get along with. I know what to say and how to pull her strings. But my friend Melissa, who is always resting, has a completely different personality. She doesn't let anyone get to her. She is very talkative and is not at all afraid to voice her opinion. She constantly says she needs to do laundry, clean, or do her lesson plans, but somehow never gets around to doing it. She's also very wild in the party atmosphere. You always want her to go out with you because that where it's all going to happen. The other personality I"m familiar with in my life is the one I do not get along with. Everyone has them in their life. The ones that follow you and pop up where ever you are, but you just cannot stand to be around. They are always saying things to make them look good to other people and want everyone to think they do no wrong. They have an excuse for everything. Everything they do annoys you to no end. Different personalities are good, but in a case like this they can be the worst.
             Sometimes we encounter people with the worst personalities and have to just cope with them.

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