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             When choosing a category to use in my classification essay, I choose to write about teenagers groups at school. There are many types but when talking about groups. The main two categories are the liked and disfavored. The groups I have chosen to talk about are the popular, the average, the nerd, and the peculiar.
             The popular is known as many different things. Some people classify them as the cheerleaders and jocks, but that is not necessarily true. Other people will label them as the mean, horrible people; usually this is from there own experience. Some classifications can be established, but others are more opinionated from own experiences. For this I will try to keep all relations of people concealed. Moving on, the popular people have all different personalities as individual as they are, so that can be true to all persons. There is a tendency that the people in this group are more outgoing and social able. The reason the group is labeled is popular is because they have many friends including girls and boys. .
             The average group is made up of people who may not necessarily desire to be in the popular group because of their standards. The average group tends to be easier going and accepts more people that the popular group. They are likable and have friends but not as many as the popular and more normal than both the nerd and the peculiar. Groups tend to be a lot determined on standards and morals of their individual self. .
             The nerds or also known as "brainiacs " are consisted of people who are more into school. They make high grades and study over weekends versus going to parties or movies. They are not a bad group but they have higher standards and study, so this is not what they other groups want. This choice is what dividends them from other groups and usually they are the one who succeeds in life.
             The peculiar are not weird but just not what society says is normal. Their clothes are apt to differ in appearance and (as I described in my last essay) can be described as funky.

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