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Fed Ex

             FedEx was started in 1973 by Frederick W. Smith as a small overnight delivery service. Currently, FedEx is a leader in e-commerce and supply chain management services. FedEx is a family of companies offering accommodating, specialized services such as international support, transportation, and information. These family subsidiaries include FedEx Freight, FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, FedEx Custom Critical, FedEx Services, and FedEx Trade Networks that collectively form FedEx Corporation. FedEx is committed to providing international, expedient, and reliable delivery for businesses and consumers. .
             FedEx Corporation is a world leader in technology. Their technological advances have always been in response to customers" needs, anticipated future requests, and the demands of an information-driven environment. FedEx has been recognized for harnessing the power of the Internet to provide fast, easy, and convenient service for its customers. The FedEx website is widely recognized for its speed, ease of use, and customer-focused features. However, FedEx is playing catch-up in the e-commerce sector with rival United Parcel Service (UPS).
             FedEx has always been a leader in the freight transportation industry, providing innovative services to customers. From day one, FedEx has been the first mover in the industry as it was the first transportation company committed to overnight package delivery. They were also the first company to offer next day delivery by 10:30 am as well as Saturday delivery. FedEx was also the first company to offer money-back guarantees and other incentives that are now used worldwide. By being the company of "firsts," FedEx has continuously set the trend for other companies in the industry.
             The express package and freight markets are highly competitive as well as price and service sensitive. In order to succeed in this particular market, one must effectively balance price, reliability, capacity and frequency of scheduled service, tracking abilities, geographic coverage, and innovative service offerings.

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