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Winning over the German people

            Adolf Hitler was able to gain the support of the German people in these years through numerous devices, pretty much all of them were propaganda. Hitler came at a good time where the population was fed up with how it was being run and also a great depression had just hit Germany. Hitler also fuelled propaganda from each social class promising them. I think he was very successful in winning the support of the people, otherwise how would he have been able to go to war without his people backing him. He had a great mind and knew what to say to the people.
             Hitler came to power in 1933, a factor of this happening was particularly to do with the 1928 Young Plan'. After a while it became clear apparent that Germany could not meet the huge annual payments, especially over an indefinite period of time. The Young Plan "which set the total reparations at $26,350,000,000 to be paid over a period of 581/2 years "was thus adopted by the Allied Powers in 1930. The German public would have been very annoyed at this, and their anger would have developed, this would have made them want revenge even more.
             In October of 1929 the stock exchange collapsed in New York. This was one of the major factors in Hitlers rise to power. This was a heavy blow for Germany because they were borrowing money from America to try and pay back the reparations which were made from The Treaty of Versailles'. These were World War One payments, which Germany had to pay for the Great War. .
             This caused the great German depression, unemployment soared. In the September 1928, there were 650,000 people out of work in Germany, but by January 1933 there were 6.1 million Germans out of work. This made the German public fed up with how things were going. German people had lost all hope in the Weimar republic, and started looking for a radical change, brought forth party radical parties the communists and the nazis. As a result of 1929, Hitler became remarkably popular.

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