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Adolf Hitler essay

             My name is Adolf Hitler I was born on April 20th 1889, in Braunau-am-Inn, .
             I attended school from the age of six and got a full education. I have done many .
             devious things in my life, that I consider great achievements. My first real achievement .
             took place during World War One. It was in the year 1914 I volunteered for the German .
             army and before long I was accepted to the 16th Bavarian Reserve Infantry Regiment. I .
             fought very bravely in the war and was promoted to corporal and received the Iron Cross .
             Second Class. In the year 1920 I gave my famous Hofbrauhaus Speech which gave the .
             name of my new group which was the National Socialist German Workers Party, you .
             probably no that name its nickname is Nazi. Not long after my proclaiming of grouping .
             together my Nazi party I was discharged from the army. In the year 1921 I virtually .
             secured total control of the Nazi party, however this was not to the liking of all Nazi .
             members. Some members wanted me to resign however I turned the tables on them and .
             forced them to accept me as the formal leader of the Nazi party. I was put in jail for five .
             years due to treason. I got out of jail after serving only six months of my sentence and .
             then I went straight back to rebuilding the Nazi army. With the help of Gregor Strassor .
             we got rid of the ban of Nazi newspapers and we basically took over Germany promising .
             them we would get them out of the depression. In the July selections my Nazi Party won .
             13,745,000 votes thus winning 230 out of 608 seats. Soon after the elections I force .
             myself to be Chancellor of Germany thus basically giving me total control of Germany.
             I banned all anti-Nazi parties and imprisoned many of the leaders of the group. From the .
             years 1934-1937 I was the leader of the "Nazification of Germany", and I also released .
             Germany from the armament restrictions of the Versailles Treaty. I censored all aspects .
             of life in Germany.

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