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Fender Stratocaster

            Description-The Basic Fender Stratocatser.
             The standard Fender Stratocaster guitar is the most commonly used brand and model used today. The basic setup has the essential components to suit many different players needs. Its moderate price and unique styling have made it the choice of many players for many years. This model was originally designed and constructed in 1932 and has retained its basic size, shape, and electric setup through the years.
             The body of the guitar is constructed from maple wood and has a hollowed out section to store the electrical components. The wood is coated with a three-layer paint and two coat finish. Its shape is a unique curved pattern that is molded to rest in your lap. The pick guard is a plastic shield that covers the body cavity and holds the pick-ups in place. A metal bridge is also mounted on the body that runs through the body of the guitar and is held in position by three coil springs. The bridge is use to hold the guitar strings in place and for coarse adjustment of tuning. Two metal pegs are screwed on opposite sides of the body for a guitar strap.
             The neck is the extension piece that connects to the body of the guitar. It extends about two and half feet and has thin metal strips, fret bars, that run vertical in a specific interval along the topside. The fret bars are placed at set lengths from the string bridge to produce the correct tone. The neck is also made of maple wood and is marked with silver dots to indicate position of the frets. Located at the end of the neck is the headstock, this is where the strings are attached to the tuner keys. The keys are aligned along the topside of the headstock and each key locks by twisting in a clockwise direction. The center of the of the neck is hollowed out and a metal pole is fitted tightly inside with threads. This pole is an adjustment for the angle at which the neck curves. The headstock has a small opening where the pole protrudes slightly so it can be adjusted.

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