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            Since the birth of civilization fertility has been the prime focus for survival. Fertility symbols have been venerated ever since the paleothic culture was begun . Fertility symbols give a sense of security to the people amongst which it's being revered. .
             In paleothic culture the Venus of Willendorf is a prime example of pre-christaian fertility symbols. A small statue made of limestone with large breast, buttocks and swollen abdomen, indication pregnancy (Fiero, pg.4). Women were portrayed as child-bearing and were given the title givers of life (Fiero, pg.4). This societal view of women can be seen all throughout history such as in Neolithic Culture. Where marble statues of women with exaggerated sexual characteristics can be found in large numbers on the cyclades (Fiero, pg.6). Each statue though portrayed different still has the same purpose and meaning for women being the creator of life and to ensure successful childbirth. The symbolic association between the womb and "mother earth" played an important role in almost all ancient religions (Fiero, pg.6).
             Ever sense Primitive Civilizations fertile animals have been worshiped and revered for fertility. In Ancient Egypt frogs and cats were looked upon as fertility symbols. Cats are very fertile animals and were often buried mummified and buried with their owners (http://arar.essortment.com/fertilitysymbol_ricd.htm). Frogs were associated with water and fertility because every year when the Nile flooded the frog population would cultivate to great numbers (http://arar.essortment.com/fertilitysymbol_ricd.htm). Frogs were also worshiped in the Americas. In many areas in ancient time the patron goddess of fertility and childbirth was a frog or a toad (http://arar.essortment.com/fertilitysymbol_ricd.htm ). Other animals that were worshiped for fertility were parrots and peacocks in India. A Peacocks relation with fertility comes form it performing a particular act of dancing in the rain attract a mate(http://arar.

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