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The Legal Drinking Age

            The legal drinking age should remain at age 18, for many young adults would not even want to consume alcohol if they could make that decision on their own. According to an article in" Modern Brewery Age" many college students tend to loose all self-control when they are no longer under the protection of their parents. Many young people admitted to binge drink almost every weekend, for them, the only point is, to drink themselves sick. Because of the law, Alcohol is seen as a "forbidden fruit", which makes drinking much more attractive; and consequently, more dangerous. If we treat young adults like children, they will act like children. Maturity is not something you get when you turn a certain age, it is what you earn through showing a certain behavior, most likely including being able to be responsible. " Rally USA " agrees that age discrimination of young adults is not a solution; instead, we should teach them how to drink responsible from an early age on. Not to long ago, I spoke to an exchange student from Europe, who could not understand why an eighteen-year-old adult does not have the same rights, when it comes to alcohol, as any other adult in this country. After all, They can join the military, go to war and kill or be killed, they can be tried in court as an adult, go to work and pay their bills, and they are trusted with being a Childs legal guardian. In Europe there is no problem in enforcing drinking laws, simply because there is no problem made out of it. For Teenagers in Western Europe alcohol is accessible at nearly any time, they are used to have it around, so it is really no big deal, and it is okay to drink a soda when you out with your friends. Of course there will be the first time in a teenagers life everywhere when they cant see their end, but making mistakes is part of growing up, an essential part. Teenagers in Europe are pretty safe when they do something wrong, supported by friends, family and society they can learn from their mistakes while still living at home, and by the time they are ready to go to college, young people will be ready to deal with life's challenges in a responsible way.

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