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Fresh Kills

             The Fresh Kills which is located on the western shore of Staten Island is a famous landfill.
             Just about half of the 2,200 acre landfill is composed with 4 diferent sections known as 1/9 2/8 3/4 .
             and 6/7which range in height from about 90 feet to just about 225 feet. These sections are the .
             result of more than 50 years of landfilling which hosehold all different types of waste. Two of these .
             Four sections are capped and fully closed and the other two are now being prepared to be closed .
             and capped. .
             The Fresh Kills is used for many other things such as residential services, Which is 1,200 .
             residential units, 18 acres of industrial use including a private waste transfer station. There is also .
             over 40 acres of commercial development are also currently in the planning stages for the area. Very .
             close to a quarter of the study area is used for manufacturing, industrial work, utilities and very .
             common transportation which is most concentrated in the West.just about 15%of the total is the .
             Fresh Kills Landfill Complex.Other uses in this category include Port Mobil oil storage, a paper .
             recycling plant and the NRG Power Plant. .
             On the New Jersey shore there are a several number of industrial uses, including chemical .
             plants, oil refineries, and storage facilities, many are water-dependent. Another quarter use of the .
             Fresh Kills is for Parks and Open Space.This does not include creeks in the surrounding area, or .
             vacant properties, which many are natural in character. Sport facilities such as ballfields, courts, and .
             playgrounds are unevenly distributed and lacking in several neighborhoods.
             In the West Shore Landfill contains different toxins and gases which should be removed. A .
             common Gas is Methane. It is made when oxygen is deplated from the landfill .
             with organic material which is converted to Methane or Natural gases. This, combined with a small .
             percent of non-methane organic compounds including hazardous air pollutants and water, forms .

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