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To Kill A Mocking Bird

             Have you ever wondered what its like to be discriminated against just because of the way you look? Have you ever had rumors told and spread about you? Do you know what its like? Maybe Because growing up can be entertaining and like a mystery all at the same time if you happen to be Miss. Jean Louise Finch a.k.a. Scout.
             Now, when I say "Miss" I might be over exaggerating because in reality, well in this particular novel, she's no more than a rough tough tomboy with stringy legs, dirty coveralls and bobbed hair. However Scout discovers that she is just new to the wide world and she soon begins to fall in love with her life surroundings and the little ironic things that are always not too far off. .
             Scout is easily occupied, which makes the book very fascinating. With the freaky neighbors down the road called the Radley's, and the school year at a fresh start, Scout finds that it is hard to stay out of trouble. She always seems to be in a fight at school or stalking the Radley house. Her first day of school didn't go at all how she planned it would She unfortunately starts a fight with Walter Cunningham, and Jem, her only big brother, comes to the rescue and remarks on how crazy Scout is. He promises she won't fight him anymore and invites him over for dinner. Scout can't stand to have her pride impaired and continues to brawl. She doesn't agree with the way the elder people treat her and she doesn't understand the concept of "getting along with all kinds of folk." (Pg30).
             Developing and learning is a true key in this novel. Scout is a very dynamic character because in the core of this book she seems to be able to adapt and absorb racism and the policies of life. Which she picks up during the trial that takes place in the middle of the novel. A black man by the name of Tom Robinson is being tried for raping a woman. A woman who is not respected by any of the town but is white and favored by the race of white people.

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