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Get Out Of My Life: But Could You First Drive Me And Cheryl To The Mall? (Wolf 2002) This Book

            The book that has been selected for the purposes of this paper is, Get Out of My Life: But could you First Drive Me and Cheryl to the Mall? (Wolf 2002) This book informs parents on how to deal with their developing child in an practical and entertaining manner. Whether you are a child or a parent, when reading this book you can relate to what the author is saying. Wolf's book is not only invaluable to parents but also adolescents. After reading this book a parent can incorporate the information he/she has learned into their parenting, and explain to the child the reasoning behind their parenting decisions. This will help the child become an independent autonomous individual. Through each chapter Wolf makes points that are accurate and relevant to youth's behavior. .
             Wolf describes today's adolescents as the "new teenager" who are different than teenagers of previous generation. This is making today's parenting extremely difficult. Today's adolescents are bolder, less obedient, and their world is much more threatening and complicated. Wolf states that the world today's children are growing up in is far different from the world in which a parent grew up in. A parent must acknowledge this before he/she can properly deal with their child(ren). It is known that the adolescent years are difficult a time. According to the author, Wolf, this is because adolescence are struggling with the desire to grow up and be independent and the need to be supported by their parents. Several changes occur during adolescenes. Physically, sexually, and intellectually a child of adolescent age begins to evolve. This, excluding all other external factors, makes this time in life extremely turbulent. Wolf refers to these changes as psychological changes. .
             Wolf also points out that it is important for a parent to realize the significant differences between boys and girls. Wolf states, "Parents are allowed to order their sons to stay in the room with them, even order them to talk.

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