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Gladiator Vs Hannibal

            Ridley Scott, being contemporary and innovative is one of many film directors who have a certain style that is ever present throughout their films. Gladiator and Hannibal two of Scott's best movies do not share plot summary yet they encompass similar techniques to achieve their desired look. In two different scenes Scott incorporates similar lighting, camera movement, angles and music to tell the stories of both the characters of Maximus and Clarise. This work looks at each of the techniques used in the four scenes and how they compare and contrast.
             Scott is considered one the best directors around and one who expresses his ideas through not only the plot but also in the way the plot takes place. He enjoys using many different kind of camera angles especially cross cutting and quick cutting. Crosscutting is when in a scene the camera moves back and forth over the shoulder of tow people who are engaging in a conversation or some sort of action. Scott uses this in his films because he likes to use different ideas or themes that involve close action. Quick cutting, which is mostly noticeable in Gladiator, is when there is a lot of action in one scene and the camera moves back and forth really quickly in order to catch all of the action. This attempts to make the action look like it is moving much faster than it really is. Scott uses both of these techniques throughout both movies and achieves his goal of completing to excellent movies. .
             Gladiator was truly one of the best films of the year, in 2001. It's about a Roman general who was to be the successor to the Caesar. The Caesar's son kills his father and attempts the same fate for the general. The general escapes but is captured by a band of nomads and is forced into slavery. He is made to fight in the gladiator arena and his skill eventually brings him to the Coliseum. The Romans begin to love and support him, giving him a foothold to overthrow the crooked Caesar.

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