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            Evil is when someone does something deliberate and goes out of there way to affect you in some kind of disturbing manner. In the play Macbeth, written by William Shakespeare, a lot of themes are shown throughout the play. In this tragedy, Shakespeare demonstrates a common theme in evil.
             The theme evil is first brought to mind in the beginning of the play in Act 1. For example the witches talk about how "fair is foul, and foul is fair." The witches are talking about how good is bad and bad is good. This brings an interesting twist to the story because things are not what they seem. "So foul and fair a day I have not seen." Macbeth is talking to Banquo about how things have been good, but also bad at the same time. This brings an idea of some kind of tie between Macbeth and the witches because this is in uncommonly thing for Macbeth. Macbeth states how he wants the "stars, hide your fires; let no light see my black and deep desires." Macbeth is now starting to think about what the witches have told him. He is making it clear to himself what he wants and what he is going to do to get it. In Act 1, the theme evil is brought upon us and Macbeth starts to go after things that make the theme more visual throughout the story.
             In Act 2, Macbeth has set his mind on what he wants to do and therefore goes after it. "I have done the deed. Didst thou not hear a noise?" Macbeth has gone with his plan to kill Duncan and take over Scotland. This is a plan which Macbeth is unable to refrain from forgoing it and ends up digging himself into the ground. "Methought I heard a voice cry {sleep no more! Macbeth does murder sleep.}" Macbeth is paranoid because has just killed Duncan and thinks someone is going to catch him or find out about his plans. He is to frightened and feels that he has done a dreadful thing and knows he cannot go back to change it. "Where we are, there's daggers in men's smiles." Donalbain is saying that someone in the castle knows what happened and isn't telling anyone.

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