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Gone With The Wind

            Everyone is made up of various traits and qualities that make them .
             For every occupation, certain traits/qualities are required to be .
             expressed. It is the same for any character in a work of literature. In the .
             novel Gone With the Wind written by Margaret Mitchell, the title character .
             Scarlett O"Hara displays great determination which is an essential quality .
             that every educator should possess. .
             Throughout Gone With the Wind Scarlett faces many hardships. Her .
             determination allows her to surpass these hardships and move on with life. .
             One reason that determination is a quality that every teacher should have is .
             that without it nothing would be accomplished. If the educator has a lack of .
             determination, then he/she will not be able to teach their students to live up .
             to their full potential, to be goal oriented, and to never give up. .
             When Scarlett's beloved plantation home, Tara, is threatened by .
             carpetbaggers, she does not give up. She is determined to save her home, .
             and that's exactly what she does. If a student does not understand the .
             learning material, then it is the teachers responsibility to help he or she learn .
             and comprehend. Determination is what makes this all possible. If Scarlett .
             did not have any, she would have considered it impossible to save Tara .
             and given up without a fight. In the case of the teacher, he/she would be .
             giving up on his/her students, which would be a devastating mistake. .
             Since this novel is set in the south during the Civil War, there were .
             many difficulties and hardships to encounter. In Scarlett's case this came in .
             the form of near starvation. Thanks to her determination, she defeated this .
             fierce hunger and even vowed never to be hungry again. Educators should .
             follow this example by never allowing a student to fall behind. However, if he .
             or she does happen to fall behind, it should be the teacher's goal to help .
             him/her succeed. .
             In conclusion, determination is a powerful thing.

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