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Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz

            Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz was born at 6:45 PM on Sunday, July 1, 1646, in Leipzig, Germany. His father, Friedrich, was a professor of moral philosophy and vice chairman of the faculty or philosophy in the University of Leipzig (A Short ). His mother, Friedrich's third wife, was Catharina Schmuck, the daughter of a lawyer. Friedrich died when Leibniz was only six years old (Gottfried Wilhelm von ). .
             Leibniz taught himself Latin and some Greek by age twelve, so that he could read the books in his father's library (Leibniz, Gottfried ). The books he most often read were those dealing with metaphysics and theology by Catholic and Protestant writers. Later in school he was taught Aristotle's logic and theory of categorizing knowledge. He wasn't satisfied with Aristotle's system and began to think of ways of how he could improve upon it (Gottfried Wilhelm von). In 1661 Leibniz began studying philosophy, mathematics and law at the University of Leipzig (A Short ). Other topics included in his two-year general degree were rhetoric, Latin, Greek and Hebrew. He received his bachelor's degree in 1663 with a thesis On the Principle of the Individual. Leibniz went to school at Jena for the summer of 1663. The mathematics professor there was Erhard Weigel. Weigel was also a philosopher and this is who Leibniz learned the importance of mathematical proofs to back up subjects such as logic and philosophy. By October of 1663 Leibniz was back in Leipzig studying towards a doctorate in law. He received his master's degree in philosophy for a dissertation, which combined both aspects of philosophy and law, which were backed by mathematical ideas. A few days after Leibniz had presented his dissertation, his mother died. He later finished up his bachelor's degree .
             in law (Gottfried Wilhelm von ). He was refused a dissertation in Leipzig because of his young age. Leibniz refused the offer of being a professor at the University of Altdorf and went to Holland.

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