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Guy Harvey

             I visited the Smart Art gallery in D"Iberville, Mississippi. This is where I found my wonderful painting that caught my eye. The art gallery is very easy to find coming from I-110N. Once you exit the interstate, take the right until you come to the first light. Turn left onto Central Ave. The art gallery is located in the second shopping center on the right. I chose this gallery because it was very easy to find and a friend recommended it.
             The artist of this painting is Guy Harvey. He was also a scientist, diver, angler, adventurer, and family man. Inspired at an early age by the sea around him, Guy Harvey enjoyed many hours fishing and diving from his father's canoe in his native Caribbean home of Jamaica. From his early inspirations, Guy's natural gift to recreate marine life has propelled him from a professor of Marine Biology to a full time marine wildlife artist. His constant curiosity about the sea and its occupants kept Guy busily experimenting with new ways to recreate his subject. .
             Guy travels the world in search of new inspiration; his dedication to his career is extraordinary. However, his family is the first and foremost. As a result, there is new generation of Harvey's demonstrating the same love and concern of the sea that was ingrained in their father years ago. Guy's studio is in Kingston, Jamaica where he lives with his wife, Gillian, and their two children, Jessica and Alexander. .
             I chose Guy Harvey's newest artwork on the market called "tile art". Imagine tile with the distinctive artwork of renowned artist Guy Harvey. Marine wildlife images displayed on the tile seem to immerse the viewer directly into the water. It is a spectacular, realistic piece of artwork for you home that can be framed, installed on a wall, cabinet or inlayed on a table.
             My favorite rendition of Guy Harvey's tile art is "El Viejo". This piece of artwork shows what seems to be a village fisherman on his way out looking for the big catch.

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