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            Hackers, whether malicious are not, do not follow the protocols of computer ethics. Many times they intentionally or unintentionally cost businesses money and lost time to fix the data that they have gained access to and to fix the holes that they come through. The government has created two organizations to help deal with hackers. Businesses must also defend themselves from attack by installing hubs, routers, firewalls, updating patches, and ensuring proper password authentication. Only through a combination of efforts and cooperation can businesses be better protected against the over one billion dollars in hacking deficit every year.
             Hackers release computer viruses, destroy files, disrupt businesses, crash Web sites, and often steal information and money from businesses and people. They must learn to use their trade in beneficial ways and learn the risks of their actions when they do not. Hackers test the limitations of systems mostly out of curiosity to find out whether they can gain access to systems and what can be done with that access. Much of their desire stems from wanting to learn more about computers, information systems, and security features.
             Not everyone who call themselves hackers commit computer crimes and break into systems because the term originally meant someone who loved computing. Hacker has become a negative term because of those who break into systems using hacking programs and hacking worksheets. These hackers even put out guides such as "A Novices Guide to Hacking" and "Yet Another File on Hacking Unix." Most hackers have no intent to cause anyone harm, but they still break laws and professional codes of ethics in computing. They have their own morals and ethics and are not usually more apt to cheat, steal, or lie than a regular person. .
             Many hackers enjoy breaking into systems for the thrill and the challenge of it. They also enjoy socializing with other hackers speaking through bulletin boards, electronic mail, and sometimes in person.

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