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Five Factors That Make America Great

            America is one of the greatest nations of the world with so many freedoms and rights that we, as American citizens, have taken advantage of. Our nation was set up under God with freedom as the main idea. As the years go by people tend to forget that we are so much freer than other countries. We also take our rights for granted and grow less appreciative of what we have been given. If you take the time to sit and think about what Americans enjoy that other countries will never have the privilege to it is very amazing. .
             One of the things that make America so great is the freedom of speech. In many countries where there is dictatorship or even in some cases a monarchy the government will persecute anyone that speaks out against the government. In America you are free to write or say what you want in any books, newspapers, TV program, movie, or new program without the fear of being put in jail, fined, or even killed. With the freedom of speech you are able to stand up for what you believe in or what you believe is wrong. This also gives the people the ability to express to the government how they feel about certain situations. The people can express approval or disapproval or they may even give ideas of how they think things could work better. The people don't have to live in fear of saying the wrong things or standing up for what they believe in.
             Freedom of Religion is also one of the great things about America and its government. Thanks to this freedom people are not bound by their government to follow something they don't believe. This allows the people chose what they worship and also how they worship. One of the main reasons that this country was founded was for religious freedom. With religious freedom you are not looked down upon for your beliefs and you aren't persecuted for believing differently than others. Freedom of religion was not very common in earlier centuries and other countries.

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