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Harry Potter & The Goblet Of Fire

            I am reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire. It is the fourth and last book in the series. I have only read one hundred seven pages so I will only be giving statements about the events to that extent. .
             The book starts when Harry went to sleep after a long day. In the middle of the night he wakes up to the annoyance of the scar on his forehead. He is bothered by this and can't go back to sleep so he is trying to think of who he can write to. Harry thought that he could write to Albus Dumbledore but he changed his mind. Instead he wrote to his godfather Sirius. Since Harry hadn't heard fro him in a while. The continuing weak after Harry sent his letter went by well.
             A few days later a muggle postman (a non-magic person) dropped off a letter from is friend Ron. Ron is one of Harry's friend's from Hogwartz. The letter had an invitation inviting him to see the Quidditch world cup final. Harry was also invited to stay at Ron's house for the summer. Quidditch is played with a: quaffle, a bludger, and a snitch. There are three chasers who try and use the quaffle to score in one of the three goalposts. In the middle goalpost you get fifty points. In the two other goalposts you get ten points.
             The two beaters use a little bat like object to protect their teammates. The seeker tries to catch the snitch ending the game and giving that persons team one hundred fifty points. The goaltender stops the quaffle from going in the goalposts. This is played on flying broomsticks. .
             Harry's uncle Vernon is trying to decide weather Harry should go to the match or not. Harry gets treated with disrespect by his uncle, aunt, and cousin all the time because they are jealous that Harry is a wizard. If uncle Vernon let's Harry go to the match Harry will be happy. Uncle Vernon doesn't want Harry to be happy. But if Harry goes to the match then Harry will be gone a weak earlier. So with that said Harry gets permission to go to the match.

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