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How Does The Dialogue Develop Your Response To The Character Of Othello?

            How does the dialogue develop your response to the character of Othello?.
             Othello is extremely nave and pitiful. The love he feels for Desdemona is shown in the language Shakespeare has written in other scenes. However in Act 3 Scene 3 Othello's language turns very sombre and evil. He uses animalistic phrases whilst speaking of Desdemona and her so-called disloyalty' with Cassio, which Iago convinces Othello is on going. Some of the phrases that caught my attention are "Death and damnation! O!-.
             "I'll tear her all to pieces- and "Arise black vengeance, from the hollow hell."" This last quote I feel takes us back to the race differences. Othello is considered to be evil and sinister in Venetian society, as he is black, yet he has moulded himself into Venetian ways of life, beginning to believe himself, that he is of white race. Does this quote show the steps back to his animal ways? The tone that this quote presents to us would be one of pure hatred and evil. Almost devilish.
             Throughout this scene Iago is extremely manipulative towards Othello. He tells Othello of Desdemona having an affair and then as Othello comes round to the fact his wife is cheating on him, Iago starts to twist his words claiming maybe he is wrong, Desdemona would never do that to him. Iago seems to reap great pleasure in telling Othello of a fictional dream that Cassio has had that he himself (Othello's right hand man') has witnessed. He claims that whilst unable to sleep he heard Cassio saying, "Sweet Desdemona, let us be wary, let us hide our loves."".
             Throughout the passage the language, imagery and tone presented by both Othello and Iago changes. Iago uses language that is based on deception, eagerness to create a downfall. Othello's language is more from the heart, containing rage and fury presented to us using much animalistic and quite violent imagery. Iago's language seems to contain imagery of food also.

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