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Huffy Sports

             Huffy Sports Info 3.
             Product and Problem 3-4.
             What I Would Do 4.
             Consumer Issues.
             Perceived Risks 5.
             Problem Recognition 5-6.
             Consumer Search Behavior 7.
             Consumer Behaviors 7-8.
             Message Content 8.
             Suggestions and Analysis of Consumer Issues.
             Perceived Risks 9.
             Problem Recogntion 9.
             Consumer Search Behavior 9-10.
             Consumer Behaviors 10.
             Message Content 10-11.
             Works Cited 12.
             Diagnostic Project: Huffy Sports.
             Huffy Sports Company of Sussex, Wisconsin is the leading manufacturer of basketball related products in the world. Established in 1979, Huffy Sports built its company image through the production and innovation of backboards. Using backboards as its main product, over the years the company has expanded its product line with items such as the first glowing basketball, first ever lighted backboard, and the first breakaway rim. Because of the savvy, yet quality products that Huffy came up with, its no secret that they are proven when talking about the best products that the game has to offer. The reputation of Huffy Sports has driven the National Basketball Association, NCAA, and USA Basketball to make Huffy their officially licensed company.
             Huffy's Product and Problem.
             In September of 2002, Huffy Sports ran into a major problem with one of its portable basketball hoops. The Huffy-brand portable basketball system was developed and put out on the market in November of 2001 (CPSC, 1). The prices of these systems ranged from $100 to $200. Briefly describing, the Huffy-brand portable basketball systems come with a plastic base that can be filled with sand or water (CPSC, 1).

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