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Human Service

            I believe that another form of education is to communicate in whichever way possible with people of different backgrounds. I choose the field of Human Services because I enjoy working with people. Helping someone solve or obtain things that are important to him or her is fulfilling to me. .
             I was raised very simple. I was taught to say yes, no, please and thank you. I was taught to do unto others, as you would have them do unto you. Also always respect your elders. I was not forced to go to church nor was I encouraged to socialize with other people. I was allowed as child to do what made me happy but in the process consider other people feelings. It was important to me to make my mother proud, so I did what she instructed me to do. My mother allowing me to create my own identity helped me to create a life plan for myself. .
             Studying to be a social worker has helped me to make detailed observation on my life. I have separated myself from those who feel that I am working to hard, and those who told me I would not reach my goals because I was teen mother. Being a teen mother was my motivation to succeed. .
             I have taken time to explain my upbringing because I have realized that my upbringing does necessarily relate to any of the culture backgrounds, personal assumptions, values or biases that one may face in the field of social work. My mother did not stress culture or religion with me. Although culture and religion may be important to a client or patient that I work with there will not be any dilemmas. I have taught myself to adjust to the many different environments, situations, and needs of each individual with whom I work with. .
             In the 5 years that I have performed as a social worker I do not recall any cases or situations when any of my outlooks on life has conflicted with what someone else outlook may have been. Working as a social worker I leave my views out side the office during work hours.

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