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Joe Chaney Case

            The purpose in this response to the assignment is to analyze the Joe Chaney case study by recognizing the motivation problems and developing a plan of action to manage the situation, highlighting how certain motivation content and process approaches discussed in class apply to the case study, and finally to discuss the potential challenges and opportunities in resolving the manager's recognition of the motivation problems.
             Performance Diagnostic Model Analysis.
             Using Figure 7 "Performance Diagnostic Model" on page 340 of the text, the following decision points are described: the motivation issue is identified by answering "Yes" to question one; the lack of motivation is answered "Yes" in Question three; and the various motivation problems are answered as "Yes" in questions seven, eight and nine. .
             The case study does not present a perception problem, given the evidence of Joe's recent behaviour, even though the question poses that both the manager and direct report agree on the recognition of a problem. In this case, the manager is just at the beginning of recognizing the performance and motivation issue, while Joe is experiencing frustration in his work, leading to the issue of his overall lack of motivation and "slacking-off" in his work performance.
             The previous analysis results in a positive response to question three, which then leads to the three questions that hone-down the type of motivation problems. All three motivation problems are considered applicable in Joe Chaney's case. .
             Expectations Problem- it was implied that management had some form of formal performance review and career development policies and programs in place, but that these were not adhered to recently given the workloads. Recently, Joe appears to have contributed a great deal fulfilling and exceeding expectations in his position as draftsperson, and appears to be seeking new challenges. Management, however, has not recognized his performance nor has discussed results achieved in the position objectives.

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