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Anorexia vs Bulimia

             Students are always complaining about the dress codes at their school, and totally rejecting the idea of school uniforms, but I feel there are many benefits to this proposal. These days everyone is so concerned about being attractive and popular that they forget the real reason for going to school. The increase in academic performance and school spirit, along with the decrease in violence, is more important than looking cool for your friends. .
             Our students are not stupid they just do not consider schoolwork a top priority. With uniforms for every student, there would be less focus on fashion and more emphasis on education. Student's report cards would be posted on the refrigerators for everyone to see, rather than stuffing them in the bottom of our backpacks. In addition students would be rewarded for their efforts; therefore their self esteem would also rise. .
             Teen violence has reached its peak in our schools. Last year, numerous killings took place at schools around the country, largely due to taunting amongst the students. Uniforms would prohibit the wearing of chains, large pockets for hiding weapons, and gang colors worn to incite fights. Fewer students would be teased for their attire, and sexual harassment caused by provocative clothing would come to an end. Our schools would provide a more secure environment in which we all could learn. .
             School spirit among many schools is extremely lacking, and it shows. Our athletic .
             teams have very limited support, and it affects their performance greatly. A student could be missing on a field trip, and they would not be located for hours because they simply "blended" with the crowds from other schools. If we were obligated to wear uniforms, we would be more recognizable in public surroundings, and our sense of school pride would blossom. Looking back on my high school days, life would have been much easier at six a.

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