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In the Name of Beauty

            There are many factors that play in to how you feel about yourself. From the little things such as the toys you played with when you were little, to the clothes you wear, how much of this can actually effect you? The many possible outcomes of a positive or negative self-image can overall determine a person's future, from being the CEO of a business to possibly suffering from a long term mental illness. .
             So how early do these issue really begin? Though there have always been people that think they are smaller or larger then they truly are, anyone could go to the nearest shopping center and see that to be true; are we over or underestimating how much of this is the medias fault? It seems every time you get on social media anymore you see people sharing pictures with quotes, either fat or skinny-bashing. In the society we live in, constantly able to view anything in the world it's no wonder that 53 percent of American girls report that they are unhappy with their bodies at age thirteen. 78 percent are unhappy with their bodies at age seventeen, according to Newport Academy.
             No, playing with a Barbie doll isn't going to destroy brain cells, or cause things such as cancer, but the mental impact this small $15 doll could cause your child to have in the long run, could be devastating. Though it isn't caused by social media, many factors could play into women feeling negatively about themselves.
             Though Barbie's aren't all bad, and I, sure a large portion of girls who had them turned out just fine and maybe even married their Ken. But this is about the select few who didn't, not only was Barbie meant to be beautiful, but she was the doll every girl wanted around the world. No, no one put a sticker on her that says "be just like me" when you're around someone or something 24/7 you slowly start becoming or wanting to become more like that person or item. So when little girls carry around this crazily proportioned doll this is what they begin to view as beauty.

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