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Beauty Sickness

             Beauty is truly an elementary concept. One of the first concepts we learn as toddlers is "pretty." Butterflies are pretty; Mommy is pretty; flowers are pretty. Contrarily, things even people we dont like are "ugly," "bad" or something equally awful. The boy who sat next to you in the second grade had big glasses that were "ugly." The girl who wore knee socks in the fourth grade was geek. What is more, with advertisements and TV programs perpetuating the beauty myth (e.g. age, size), "Beauty Sickness", inevitably and evidently appears as a new disease with a group of symptomatic problems accompanied by physical (extreme disparagement of the body features), psychological (obsessive focus on the disliked body sites that severely interferes with the person's existence) and social (self-evaluation at such a level that interferes with social and occupational functioning) abnormalities that take place when the society endlessly puts attention on trivia of outer appearance.
             Beauty sickness, as the name suggests, combines definitions of "beauty" and "sickness" as a whole. To be more specific, as far as its literal meaning is concerned, beauty means being attractive, appealing, alluring, charming and being ugly, which is the opposite. In the same way, beauty is a superlative attribute associated with being gorgeous, magnificent, stupendous, and to some degree, it implies perfection. In a broad sense, beauty can be any or all things or even thoughts, concepts or ideas that are appealing. Sickness, on the other hand, carries the idea of illness that is a disordered, weakened or unsound condition. Certainly, it is a state of being ill in the body or mind that leads a person to declined health either physically or mentally. .
             Basically, beauty sickness shares the same feeling of uneasiness with car/sea sicknesses. When we think about car, sea or airsickness, we normally regard them as certain uneasiness accompanied with specific symptoms that might make people to feel uncomfortable in certain ways.

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