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            The prolific epic The Iliad depicts the exploits of the great Achilles, and is part of an assemblage of ancient poems dubbed the Epic Cycle, that encompassed the history of the Trojan War and the events surrounding it. This Masterpiece of historical context and paramount storytelling was procured by the great Homer, generally regarded as one of the first authors of modern writing. It is a marvel for any story to endure 3000 years, as The Iliad has. The vivid descriptions, figurative language, and tales of great adventure are what allowed the story to traverse through history. The events transpiring in The Iliad were rooted in history, but grow into a deeper metaphoric meaning. The Greeks regarded Homer as close to god-like status because they believed that the Iliad recounted a definitive piece of their history with great detail and glorification of their culture. They felt that the heroes immortalized in this tale were a prominent representation of the ideals on which their civilization was based. .
             All cultures need heroes to boost confidence. Achilles is like the Greek Superman. He is portrayed as an invincible warrior, who sends the enemy fleeing in terror, merely at the sight of him. This story also contains many religious thematic elements, which were a significant part of Ancient Greek life, and were a source of great pride. .
             This great story also is of pertinent historical and archaeological value. Homer's poetic creation is so revolutionary because it is one of the first written records that leaves a detailed description of events that occurred in the history of a country. Prior to this archaeologists and historians relied primarily upon physical evidence and limited written records in determining the historical events of the world. Although The Iliad collaborates with other stories to provide insight into the Trojan War there are still many components of the story that are shrouded in a cloud of mystery.

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