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Illustrative Composition

            I think that if we eliminate crime that we would be better economically.
             Prisoners in today’s prison system feed of our tax money whether we like it or not.
             Prisoners today can look forward to hardy meals, television, lifting weights, and playing sports. This in my mind sounds more like a resort than prison. When people are sent to a penitentiary they are there because they did something that was immoral. Therefore the punishment needs to fit the crime. Our prisons need to be cold, boring and strike an impression on the convict of a horrible retched place. But presently that is not how it is. These men or women are having a good time in prison. They’re not doing it for free either. The prison system alone takes $1,500,000 to maintain a year. That includes Recreation, Cable T.V., and other extra events. The prison system is part of the government as a means of reform in a person’s life. Therefore it needs to be harsh and unbending in its reform. So that when these inmates get out they are forever changed and not the same as they where when they came.
             That is why our prison system needs reform. It cannot continue treating offenders, who statistically 45% are violent offenders according to the Bureau of Justice, like they are.

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