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In Between

             I believe that I am a moderate because I am in between a conservative and a liberal. Conservatives and liberals have very different opinions on many issues because they have many different beliefs. On certain issues, I agree with conservatives, but on other issues, I agree with how the liberals feel.
             One way I agree with conservatives is that they are against abortion. I do not think women should have the right to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. A woman can prevent getting pregnant and then, if by accident she does, she can always give the child up for adoption. There will be someone that will love and treat that child as their own. Adopted children might be upset to find out that they are adopted, but most children are better off that way. The adopting parents can give that child a better life. Some people think that rape victims should have the right to get an abortion, but my feeling on that is that it is not the unborn child's fault that the woman got raped, nor was it the woman's fault. .
             I agree with the liberals on the government protection of the environment. In this day and age, people are too busy to be worrying about their environment, which is where the government steps in. The Environmental Protection Agency was designed just for this purpose. The EPA was established in the 1970's to help the government programs control the pollution and other hazardous materials. The EPA is keeping our environment cleaner and safer. I think the EPA is a wise program to have and because of its presence, Americans are healthier.
             I also agree with the liberals on opposing school prayer. In the beginning of our Constitution, it was written: "there will be freedom of religion". If you are saying a prayer publicly before an audience, you might be offending someone. That person or group of people may have a totally different perspective on religion. I believe that children should have a minute or two of quiet time before classes begin, but if they choose to pray, it should be their choice.

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