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             History is written by the victors. The ideals and morals of the conquering party are seen throughout their recordings of events. Before the introduction of Europeans into North America, the land was filled with a variety of indigenous people who lived off the lands. These indigenous people, who we will call "Indians", which was a name coined by explorers looking for a trade route to the far east, not only lived off the land, they were as much a part of it physically. These Indians were not living in a Utopian society by any mention. They still had domestic disputes, and tribal wars between one another. Their actions were like that of many groups throughout the world. With the introduction of Europeans into this scenario, the eventual outcome for the Indians would be one of catastrophic proportion. Now, in this region, there are two dissimilar cultures mixed together who have different ideals, morals, and religions. These two cultures worked together in the beginning when they first met each other, and as time went on, the gap between friendship and foe increased. Through the eyes of the Indians on North America, the European was seen as an asset. These strangers brought unique gifts, and foods that were never seen before. With the introduction of new tools and goods, the life of the Indians seemed to be headed in the right direction of cooperation and acceptance of these strangers in their land. Trade was not the only thing the Europeans were looking for from the Indians. Their goals were to find precious metals for their mother country and to set up new settlements. The two cultures viewed their original contact as two different agendas. The Indians saw the Europeans as a new source of trading, were as the Europeans viewed the Indians as people to trade with, and then eventually as a nuisance because they were occupying lands in which they were claiming for themselves. .
             The introduction of Europeans into North America through the eyes of Native Americans was seen initially as one of cooperation among two cultures.

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