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American Indians

             Between the years of 1860 - 1890, Americans used many methods to take over land that was originally owned by the American Indians. Whether by forcible removal, relocation, or by tricking Indian chiefs to sign documents that they did not comprehend, the whites always seemed to get what they wanted and also made up ways to make what they did to the innocent Indian tribes of the Ute, Apache, and Navaho seem okay. They rationalized this takeover with complicated explanations of Manifest Destiny, being that it was bound to happen sometime, and that Americans needed the land to further their well being. The Indian's saw these explanations as being outrageous, but what could they do without getting killed against a stronger, more well armed race of people.
             The excuse of Manifest Destiny was used when the Indians were being removed from the Mississippi River area. The dictionary definition of Manifest Destiny is the 19th century doctrine that the United States had the right and duty to expand throughout the North American continent. This was to say that the indigenous peoples living there did not have the right to live there. .
             An excellent example of Manifest Destiny being implemented was when the Permanent Indian Frontier was made. This was a place made by the white Americans, west of the Mississippi River for the Indians to live. According to the document designating this area, no whites were to go there unless they had a license to trade or another exceptional reason.
             Around 1863, the Ute Indian tribe got a taste of this Manifest Destiny first hand. For years now the indigenous peoples watched as white Americans moved into their area. They saw the white man take over the surrounding tribe of the Cheyenne, who were at one time the enemies of the Ute. It was at this time that the Ute and the white man were allies, however this all changed quickly. As time went on, more and more whites came to invade the mountain area to dig for the gold that was abundant, claiming that it was their born right to move into the area.

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