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Infants Need More Than Just Food , Shelter, And Clothing

             The childhood years: In infancy the child needs more than basic physical needs such as food, shelter and clothing to thrive. Nurturance is especially important in the early environment of the infant. Nurturing includes stimulation of the infant, the brain needs stimulation through visual -eye contact, which, is critical as the infant first, follows things with his/her eyes. Visual, verbal and touch stimulation provided by the care-giver/parents helps the brain through the task of integrating visual, verbal and touch "to become hard wired". It is stated in the text Human Behavior in the Social Environment that, infants need to be exposed to language by parents, siblings, family friends, and even strangers to help the infant begin to use language. .
             There needs to be reciprocal interaction between the primary caregiver and the infant such as gazing at each other and vocalizing. Subtle interactions of stimulation and rest in a reciprocal manner lead to reciprocal behaviors in the infant in larger social situations and communication thus contributing to the infant's social development. In addition, the stimulation of touch is extremely important for infant development physically, cognitively, psychologically and emotionally. .
             The infant needs to have a " primary attachment with qualities of consistency, continuity, and sameness of experience, this helps the infant develop." (Germain, C. B. & Bloom, M., 1999) Touching and holding the infant in a warm caring manner contributes to the bonding and attachment between the infant and care-giver/parent. Bonding and building a sense of trust between the care-giver/parent and infant is an important developmental goal for the infant. .
             Early childhood: The young child continues to need "quality, consistency, continuity, and sameness of experience" (Germain, C. B. & Bloom, M., 1999). At this stage of development the child continues to gather information about his/her value through interactions with significant adults in the child's life.

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