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Insulating Fabrics

            "What fabric insulates the best against wind?" I"m doing this for my science fair project. I chose to do this because when I"m in the wind I"m always cold. When you look outside and it is windy you want to wear something that will keep you insulated. The information I gather can keep you insulated in the wind. I will be testing six different fabrics three times. My hypothesis is that wool will keep you insulated the most. .
             Thermodynamics is a study of physics that describes and correlates the physical properties of macroscopic systems of matter and energy. The principles of thermodynamics are fundamental importance to all branches of science and engineering. .
             When a macroscopic system moves from one state of balance to another, a thermodynamic processes said to take place. Some Processes are reversible others are irreversible. The laws of thermodynamics, discovered in the 19th century through painstaking experimentation, govern the nature of all thermodynamic processes and place limits on them. Engineers, chemists, and physicists use the principles of thermodynamics in understanding events in nature and more.
             There are four laws of thermodynamics, the zeroth law, the first law, the second law, and the third law. When two systems are balanced they share a certain property. This property can be measured and definite numerical value attached to it. A consequence of this fact is the zeroth law of thermodynamics. The zeroth law states that when each of two systems is balanced with a third, the first two must be balanced with each other. This shared property of balance is the temperature. If any such system is placed in an infinite environment that exists at some certain temperature, the system will eventually balance with the environment- it will become the same temperature as the environment. .
             The first law of thermodynamics gives a precise definition of heat. When an object is brought in contact with a relatively colder object a process takes place that brings the two objects to about the same temperature.

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