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Boston Massacre

             A cold morning, in March of 1770 changed the life of many colonists who lived under British rule. This date is very important, for on this date many colonists lost their lives in an unforeseen incident. The slaughter of the colonists was a very important step; because it led them to the Revolutionary War. Americans and the world have come to know the incident, as the Boston Massacre, or the road to independence. .
             The Boston Massacre began with several hundreds of adults and youths surrounding the home of Ebenezer Richardson. The people created mob protests and demonstrations; the people were protesting the Townsend acts. The colonist found Richardson's home a good location to conduct their protests, for he was a known Tory inform for the British customs commissioners. Although, protests and demonstrations were common this specific one would be unique.
             As more colonists began to gather, the protest was becoming chaotic. The crowd was large and under no control. It was evident by the colonists" anger towards the Townsend acts that the protest would escalate. The crowd seemed intensely angry and started throwing stones at Richardson's home breaking windows and damaging the exterior of his home. In one instance, a stone came in through the window striking Richardson's wife. Richardson's first action was to retrieve his musket and put it through his broken window. The colonists saw the musket and instead of retreating, became more enraged, they immediately broke down Richardson's front door. .
             As the door came down Richardson fired his musket killing Seider.
             After Siders death, another altercation would arise between a British soldier by the name of Thomas Walker of the 29th Regiment and a rope-maker named William Green. The off duty British soldier was inquiring about a job at John Gray's Ropewalk; at this point, the rope-maker on duty was William Green. William responded by telling the soldier to go clean the outhouse.

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