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Revolution and the Boston Massacre

            There lie the days of uncertainty, with compelling thoughts of being tyrannized by the most dominant army in the whole world, the British. Gangs of colonists stormed the streets of Boston each day, as they continued to heckle the troops dressed in red. The Townshend Acts had just been passed, and it was the duty of the British Army to enforce them upon the colonists. As many colonists grew angry, it was only a matter of time before something tragic happened, and that was what happened on the day of March 5, 1770. .
             The day of March 5, 1770 was just like any other day, with the mob of Patriots bombarding the British troops with rocks, sticks, and snowballs. They knew eventually the troops had to reach their breaking point, and unfortunately for them, they did. Completely outraged, the British troops set fire on the Patriot mob, and right at that moment they can see a few of their own lying on the floor.dead. Crispus Attucks, James Caldwell, Samuel Gray, Samuel Maverick and Patrick Carr were the fallen victims from that unforgettable day. Crispus Attucks was a slave who then escaped to become a seaman merchant, he was called upon by Samuel Adams to respond to the British Army protecting the customs commissioners. Attucks was in the front line, urging the Patriots against the British Army. Samuel Gray was the first man fired upon, he was a rope maker and notorious for being one of the toughest brawlers in Boston. James Caldwell was just a young 17 year old sailor who was part of the triangle trade in the West Indies. Samuel Maverick was also 17 and was just at the commissioner's house by accident the day of the massacre. Patrick Carr was the last victim to die in the Boston Massacre, he was an immigrant from Ireland trying to grow his leather business. He managed to live for 9 days, during that time he didn't blame the British for his death, instead he labeled it as self-defense. .
             As soon as they saw the outcome of the shootings, the Patriots immediately created chaos and had to be separated from the British.

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