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             No other place during or before the Revolutionary War occupied such a huge amount of King George III and Parliament's attention as Boston did. Boston was the home to many important events and groups such as the Boston Massacre, the Boston Tea Party, the Son's of Liberty ,the Committees of Correspondence, and the motivating factor of the Intolerable Acts. "Boston was an important factor in the war and a platform for revolutionary ideas." (Merewood, pg. 1) In fact, basically the entire Revolutionary War can be traced through the events that took place in Boston. During the Revolutionary War, Boston was one of the four major ports of the colonies. Most importantly, Boston was a merchant's town. British colonial law didn't allow much merchandise to be made there, but vast amounts of merchandise passed through. Boston also had the advantage of size. It was small enough that all members of society were forced to interact, but large enough to sustain a movement. Boston was the perfect city to spread ideas quickly, and a place in which great heroes arose. .
             Samuel Adams was born in Boston, Massachusetts on September 27, 1722 and was.
             one of the most outspoken and active defenders of the rights of the American colonists before, during and after the Revolutionary War. Even though many terrible events took place in Boston, and Samuel Adams was involve in most of them, he knew that Britain was being un fare and in anyway that he could he would try to show Britain that at least the people from Boston were not going to tolerate their unfairness. Samuel Adams' influenced through his many newspaper articles, letters, speeches, and especially his long service in the legislature, he is known today and also considered a Boston hero and patriot.
             George Grenville, Chancellor of the Exchequer designed the Stamp Act to get profits out of the American Colonies. According to the act, essentially every paper product used in the colonies would have to have a government stamp attached to it, for a price.

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