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Is The First Act Of Othello Needed

            "Q) What case would you argue for both of these opinions?.
             1) "Without act one the audience would never understand the evil of Iago or the shaky foundations of the relationship between Othello and Desdemona".
             The play "Othello" opens in the streets if Venice. Without these opening scenes I believe not only the structure of the play would be lost but also Shakespeare's talent for immersing the audiences into the lives of his central characters. It is in these first few scenes that we are introduced to the scheming Iago, the over-trusting Rodrigo, the fair Desdemona and most importantly, Othello the tragic protagonist of the play.
             Shakespeare begins the play of Othello in the midst of an argument between Iago and Rodrigo. As the first characters that we are introduced to the audience become aware almost from the onset that not only are these characters important but the "thick lips" that they discuss is also incredibly important. Shakespeare, in this opening scene is able to begin with a rush, but still provide, or imply, a lot of background information, this only keeps the audience interested in the play but also helps keep the pace.
             Even though predominantly Othello is a tragedy of love the opening scene does not begin with a direct introduction of the lovers. Instead, the play begins, .
             and Desdemona and Othello are introduced, with a conversation .
             between Iago, the villain of the play and Roderigo. I.
             This opening conversation does much to depict the characters of Roderigo and Iago. Rodrigo is not very intelligent and is easily swindled out of money and actually trusts the sly Iago. Although wealthy, he is a weak and gullible man who is probably swindled often. On the other hand, Iago is pictured as a determined man who knows what he wants. He is also shown to be intelligent, with an excellent insight into human nature. He has no respect for Roderigo and simply uses him for monetary reasons.

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