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Female Genital Mutilation

            Circumcision has been performed on both men and women. It has been a part of different cultures and religious beliefs for many centuries. Unfortunately, it is female circumcision that has many concerned. Female Circumcision, better-known as female genital mutilation (FGM), refers to the removal of all the female genitalia. It should be noted, "The World Health Organization estimates more than 100 million women worldwide have been circumcised "that is, had part or all of their clitoris, labia or vulva cut out- (Robinson/Nairobi, p. 70). This procedure is extremely painful and often females suffer psychological effects such as feelings of anxiety, terror, humiliation and betrayal. .
             Over the years National and International laws have been implemented to protect females from female genital mutilation. States such as California, Delaware, and North Dakota, to name a select few, have put into practice specific laws to protect females from this procedure. An example of this is California's Assembly Bill 2125, California State Prohibition of Female Genital Mutilation Act. This law is one of many that specifically protects individuals from this procedure and allows felony charges to be brought against those who fail to comply. In addition, California and Delaware punish the parents as well as the doctor/person who has performed FGM. Delaware State Senate Bill No. 393 reads as follows, .
             " (a). A person is guilty of female genital mutilation when: .
             (1) A person knowingly circumcises, excises, or infibulates the whole.
             or any part of the labia majora, labia minora, or clitoris of a female minor, or .
             (2) A parent, guardian or other person legally responsible or charged with the care or custody of a female minor allows the circumcision, .
             excision or infibulation, in whole or in part, of such minor's labia majora, labia minora, or clitoris."" (http://www.fgmnetwork.org/legisl/US/desb393.

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