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Intersex People

            Socialization is learning to be human. Following the movie I watched in class about intersex people I've learned that fitting into society is not always easy. For interesex people Just finding out who they are is whole challenge with in one self. There are people waling around every day that look like you and me who are born intersex. Intersex people or Hermaphrodites are people born with both the male and female sex chromosomes and cannot be distinguish as either male or female. .
             When we look in the mirror it is clear-cut that we are either male or female. For some people it is not that simple. Someone Like Max, Tammy, and Patrick who were born with an unknown sex has to live a life of sometimes pain and uncertainly not knowing where he or she belong as part of society. Form many years when we think of something like this we vastly assume of a carnival freak or a side show act on TV. There are thousand of people born a year that are intersex Because of discomfort brought to them many are ashamed and hide who they really are. One example is brought to us by both of the first two characters in the movie Max and Tammy. At the age of 21 they both find someone who see them as a female so right away they jump into marriage. Not even trying to find them selves someone who they can feel comfortable with but rather taking a life partner as face value because they feel that they might not have a second chance at it. Only knowing those two stories told by both max and Tammy I can just imagine how many other jump into the same situation. I mean it's hard in society for a person who was born with one sex to find a significant other no less a intersex person. Society hasn't really talked about this subject much because it is basically kept a secret among the people born like this and their families. But one thing is for sure it probably wouldn't be accepted with open arms either. Let's just look at history gays and lesbians are still having a hard time being accepted in today's cutler.

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