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Transcendentalism Essay

             " Transcendentalism is the belief that man can intuitively transcend the limits of the sense's and logic to receive higher truths and greater knowledge." Transcendentalism was a philosophy that was popular during the 1820's in New England. There are many elements that make up the ideas of transcendentalism. When transcendentalism is mentioned, two men in general are thought of. These two men are Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau.
             Some of the elements of transcendentalism include how man should live close to nature. Also, how self-trust and self-reliance should be practiced at all times and how an individual should act according to their innermost beliefs and spiritual convictions rather then following the dictation of society, in other words having a lot of individualism.
             Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau both had the same beliefs, they both believed in individuality. For example, Emerson says how Life is about following your heart and doing what you think is best for yourself. Not following the Dictations of society. Also, Emerson believed that live should be lived in Simplicity.
             Henry David Thoreau also strongly believed in individuality. He was put into prison for refusing to pay the tax on the Mexican war. He did not agree with the war so there for he was not going to pay the tax. He lived in simplicity and proclaimed that individuals should not have judgment passed upon them because of the items that they have but for themselves.
             In conclusion, Transcendentalism and its many concepts were very influential during the 1820's as well as today. Both Emerson and Thoreau both believed that life should not be filled with unnecessary distraction but in stead that it should be lived in the simplest form. Also, they both believed that individuals should be themselves and think for themselves and never fall under the direction of society.

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