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             In this piece of coursework I am going to be developing an well formed sheet of perception of how castles developed in general and in particular whether or not Goodrich Castle follows the development of castles throughout history. .
             Castles at the outset were used for defensive purposes, however as time evolved castles got caught up in the monotonous cycle that is change and developed into "grand" homes for the Lord and Lady.
             The first types of castles were named Motte and Bailey castles, these were around between the succeeding years: 1066-1100. The Motte and Bailey castles were constructed like stated in the following description, a man made hill was created and this is the "motte," then situated on the top of the immediate hill was a structure which was named the "keep," this construction would be made from the material, wood, the "bailey" would be situated at the bottom and it would be where ordinary people lived, merely because they thought it provide protection. The Motte and Bailey was made from wood because of the fact that the castles had to be made swiftly and wood was easy to assemble.
             After 1100 AD came a change, castles developed from Motte and Bailey castles to shell keep and square towers. Castles were made from the material, stone and the once wooden fence was now in the form of stone. By the middle of the twelfth century large, stone, square towers replaced this shell keep. The occurrence of this change came about because wood was not very resourceful as it can rot and be burned down, with regards to fire, extremely easily. .
             Square towers had their weaknesses as well, the corners were of a weak standard, the defenders were unable to obtain a 360 degree view and the square towers could be mined or battered with a ram, so because of these transactions another stage in the development of castles was appointed and that stage was round towers.

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