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Black Death

             The Black Plague was one of the worst and deadliest .
             diseases known to man in the history of the world. The Plague .
             originated in Italy and quickly spread throughout Europe killing .
             more than one hundred thirty seven million people. Early .
             treatments for the Plague were often bizarre but eventually came .
             in a vaccine and through isolation. The symptoms of the Black .
             Plague were swellings called buboes and dried blood under the .
             skin that appeared black. The Black Plague changed the world in .
             several different ways. It resulted in medical advances and .
             architectural setbacks. .
             In the 1300's one of the most fearful and deadliest .
             diseases known to humans erupted somewhere in Central Asia; the .
             Black Plague. It came to England in 1348 and for over three .
             centuries the Black Plague remained a continual fear in the .
             everyday life of citizens in Europe. The Plague struck first .
             along the northern edge of the Black Sea in 1348, where it .
             killed and estimated eighty eight thousand people in less than .
             three months. The Plague reached southern England in the late .
             summer of 1348 and swept northward through the following year. .
             The Black Plague completed it's journey and died out by the end .
             of 1351. Although the people of Medieval Europe did not know .
             the direct cause of the Plague, they believed without .
             doubt that God was responsible, judging human behavior and ready .
             to punish the wicked. They concluded that this Black Plague was .
             punishment from an angry God (Corzine 27-31). .
             The Black Plague had several different names. Bubonic .
             Plague received its name because of the painful swellings it .
             produced called buboes. The Black Death is another name which .
             was given to the Plague because of the appearance of black blood .
             beneath the skin. This disease became associated with the term .
             "plague" because of the widespread fatalities that it caused .
             throughout history (Platt 10-11). .
             The people of the fourteenth century were uneducated and .

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