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Learning Disabilities

             Over the past four years, my interest in learning disabilities and finding a new approach to teaching children with learning disabilities has advanced to the forefront of my concentration in education. The main reason for this interest is due to my daughter's struggle with her speech and lack of understanding the basics of reading. As a mother, I have wanted to do anything and everything in my power to help make learning easier for her.
             Until recently, I did not understand why she was having such a hard time. The reason for my lack of understanding was due to the fact that I did not struggle as a student. I knew that if I wanted to succeed in life, I had to buckle down and study, but I never had any trouble comprehending my assignments. I never knew what to attribute Kiran's toil to. .
             After further investigation into this subject, I have uncovered that part of her disability might be due to her birth. Kiran was overdue by 11 days. I went to my doctor and he performed an ultrasound, discovering that there was meconium in the sac and the fluid was drying up. I was admitted into the hospital that night and induced the next morning. The birth process went fairly smooth until the end. Kiran's head was stuck in the birth canal and her vitals dropped into the danger zone. With the help of suction, she was freed, but she was a scary color of blue. The doctor worked on her and was able to get her revived and I was ecstatic to hear that wonderful cry. The lack of oxygen and the meconium in her sac may have been contributing factors for her struggle with education.
             As she was growing up, I never suspected anything was amiss. She had teeth by four months, was walking by 10 months, and was very verbal. Even in preschool, I was informed by the teacher that she was ready for Kindergarten. Kiran's Kindergarten teacher contradicts this information after a couple of weeks and thus, the struggle begins.

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